I live a life less ordinary than most. It is a life filled with magical chaos, wild adventures, mysterious charm, intense wonder, deep thoughts, blue water and true happiness. Welcome to my site where I will share a small sliver of the craziness that’s inside my head and my heart.


Who am I?

I am just your average 29 year old marine biologist, ocean conservationist, dive instructor, boat captain, coral reef restoring, saltwater loving, shark saving, world travelling, Florida living girl who always has a lot on my mind. If I am not working, underwater, or working underwater then you can usually find me either at the barn riding, fixing up a new creation in the kitchen, or in a hammock somewhere sunny.


Those that are close to me know that the last few years of my life have been a little less than ordinary. I find that I like to be pretty private with my Facebook account and even resent the people on there who post way too much personal shit that, to be honest, I just do not care to see but I am forced to as it pops up uncontrollably onto my news feed (which I still cannot figure out how to manage the settings for). I use Facebook for photos and to keep up with people but I never post personal status updates about how I am feeling or what is on my mind…it just doesn’t sit right with me. I have a journal that is 100% INSANE and should I ever lose it or it gets taken from me then heaven help the poor soul who reads it and I will be on the run because if found I could be put into a mental facility. I should make it into a book one day but who has time for that? I should also put a padlock on it and keep it in a fireproof box. I needed an in-between where I can share stories, thoughts, adventures, and whatever else I want. So, now I have a website. And the best part, you aren’t forced to visit my site! Check me out if you want. I am not sure which direction I will take it yet but I am pretty stoked to get it going.

Why ‘laura less ordinary’? I used to compare myself to other people around me my age and always felt that I had a different outlook on life. A few years ago I was living a life that I thought I wanted but could not find happiness. Something was missing. One night I was lost trying to figure it out and very wise friend stopped me and he said “Laura, ordinary will never be good enough for you. You need more. You need magic.”. That stayed with me and I have looked at life differently ever since. So I selfishly left everything (literally everything) behind and decided to make my own magic. There is no feeling like it in the world.

Cheers & Welcome to LAURA LESS ORDINARY.

update…DECEMBER 2016 I changed the site to itslauralately….see why here.

update…May 2017 I moved from my favorite Caribbean island of Bonaire after 2 years there and relocated to south Florida. Back to my homeland and back with the love of my life. Sacrifice? No way. Difficult? A little. Being with the one I love? Worth it. For those of you who don’t know Corey, we go way back to when we were 14 years old. Life is more than crazy and it reconnected us after almost 10 years apart and now that we are back together we never want to be apart again. Keep up with what I am up to LATELY as the site takes a little bit of a turn while life takes us on a little less winding path. Less wild and free? Nope still the same old me over here. Much love to my followers and let this be a sign for you that change can be hard but the right choices will always be the easiest ones you will ever make. The most fun part? Watching me try to find the balance between my wings and my roots. Ahh every day is a new day.