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new year, new me….sike just a new domain.

Nothing worse than the “new year new me” people, am I right? Why do you have to wait for a new year to be a new you? I mean you can go ahead with the new you whenever you want. Make a change don’t wait for the calendar.

Luckily, I am staying the same old wild-hearted, dream-chasing me over here but the site just had a BIG CHANGE! New domain!

Why the change from lauralessordinary? I am evolving little by little, I need to accept that. When I made the site over a year ago (wow seriously?), I was in a completely different place. I had just settled in Bonaire for about 3 months and felt pretty content with keeping my life a series of spontaneous and less than ordinary choices. These days, I guess you could say that slowly my life is becoming more ordinary and I am ok with it, actually I like it. My life has been intensely magical and frustrating and crazy and happy and depressing and so insanely surprising at times…so I know I will still NEVER settle for “ordinary”. I will always look for extraordinary because why settle when you don’t have to? But day to day life for me is pretty simple lately and I am focusing on my goals rather than purposely avoiding any and all thoughts of making a plan.

14 months ago I was not totally sure what I wanted to do with the site and to be honest I didn’t put as much time into it as I hoped I would but I still love it. I won’t even sit here and say something ridiculous like “in 2017 I will definitely write more”….let’s get real. I mean, it’s 2am… I can’t fall back to sleep after getting off the phone with the only person that I don’t mind being woken up by and that is the ONLY reason I am even here writing right now.

So the new site will be itslauralately and I could not be more happy with it. Keep up with me and my ridiculous thoughts if you want. Lately, I feel like change is never a bad thing.




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