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wings & roots

Well I guess I should do a little update about me here LATELY…May 20 2017 I moved from my favorite Caribbean island of Bonaire after 2 years there and relocated to south Florida. Back to my homeland and back with the love of my life. Sacrifice? No way. Difficult? A little. Being with the one I love? Worth… Continue reading wings & roots

daily tides

there’s just no cure for a saltwater soul

This might seem like your typical “pinterest inspired” quote and post where I will talk about how the ocean completes me and that I don’t need anything but sun and sand and my two bare feet to be happy in this world…but it isn’t. Yeaa my mind is at peace when I am underwater or… Continue reading there’s just no cure for a saltwater soul

daily tides

things i’m obsessed with LATELY.

Bonaire sunsets and trying to watch every last one before I leave. It’s impossible when you’re this busy but a girl can dream. Black Sails and I’m getting uncomfortably close to the end of season 3 and I don’t even want to ask how long til season 4 is on Netflix. Yoga because some things… Continue reading things i’m obsessed with LATELY.

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well its the 2nd day of my vacation and I could not be happier right now. except tomorrow I probably will be because that’s usually how it goes when I am here in sunny south florida with my favorite guy. just when I think i am the happiest I could be, it somehow always gets… Continue reading 10feb2017

daily tides

another island Christmas…

well this year makes #7 that I am not home for the holidays. insane. but my amazing aunt and uncle decided to come out to Bonaire and spend the week with me diving!! I picked them up at the airport on Christmas eve and today was a Christmas I will never forget. even though I… Continue reading another island Christmas…

daily tides

things I wish I would just stop doing.

overthinking: just stop and live life. procrastinating: I honestly will never stop doing this. I am notorious for packing 20 min before going to the airport even if its 4am. also the queen of saying I wait til the last minute because I need the fear and I work better under pressure. wishing time to… Continue reading things I wish I would just stop doing.