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The best part of my day is currently happening right now. I am sitting up on my rooftop balcony watching the sunset. When it gets dark I will turn on my twinkly Christmas lights which I brought down from the states. It is kind of hard to get in the Christmas spirit when its still 82degrees and you live in a bikini, but the twinkle lights help.

The low of my day was during my dive at one of my favorite places this morning at work. I know, I know it’s really bad to say the worst part of my day was underwater but it actually was! I had 8 guests with me and we set off on the dive. At this site, I have 2 frogfish (one yellow & one green) and a tiny black seahorse that never disappoint me but today….ALL THREE WERE GONE. Really? Because my three animals decided to take a vacation (which is not allowed!) I was forced to point out less cool animals such as banded coral shrimp, arrow crabs and peacock flounders. Laaaame. The guests still loved the dive and had no idea of what I actually planned on showing them because I never tell them but I was pretty mad at my animals and they better be around next time!





2 thoughts on “7dec2015

  1. Ruh-roh, I hope I didn’t scare your yellow frogfish away when I took a pic of it!

    Laura (or is it Tina??), It was great kibitzing with you last week around the shop. My buds and I made it back to SoCal w/o incident, except my new Aqua-Lung dive bag was in pieces when I picked it up at baggage claim.

    Take care, Stay real and wet!


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