daily tides

I know. I suck.

It has been so long since I  have written on here I realize that! I have a good reason I promise.  my house got broken into and so I had to move because it wasn’t safe to be there. It’s actually in a really safe part of town but strange things happen and I had to get out.  Bonaire is not the easiest place to just find a new house so it took a while and I had to live with a friend in the meantime. Thank God for them because they really saved me by letting me stay there. It took a few weeks but finally found an amazing house in the south and we are loving it. By we I mean also my two roommates Sara  and Cosette. Both American and both also work at buddy dive. I was sad to leave my old house but this place is a dream come true. Huge house super nice huge garden and we are loving it.  We do yoga in the mornings on the back deck and drink wine in the hammocks at night.  Life is good. So of course I was without Internet for several weeks and finally getting back into the swing of things and getting all moved in. This morning I booked my flight home to the states September 4 to the 17th so I will be on the East Coast hopefully seeing everyone I love mostly stoked to see my God baby Harper. Her baptism will happen while I’m there so that should be great and I’m looking forward to hopefully the beginning of fall weather if im lucky. More to come and hopefully some pictures of the new place.



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