Air China bans shark fin cargo, making FedEx look even worse.

In unexpected and amazing news, Air China has announced that they will no longer ship shark fin. This is a huge statement by China indicating that they are interested in being a part of the solution to the shark finning problem instead of the leading cause of the 100 million sharks we kill every year for this ridiculously brutal and unsustainable industry, the shark fin trade. Give it up for China looking to the future and recognizing their mistakes. Hong Kong accounts for over 50% of the global shark fin trade. In 2015, 92% of shark fin by volume were imported into Hong Kong by ocean (Hong Kong census and statistics department). A change is possible. Maybe sharks won’t go extinct soon after all. Here’s hoping for more big changes fast.

16 of the top 20 shipping companies including UPS ban the shipment of shark fins. Because common sense.

Now, FedEx… Get your shit together and stop shipping shark fins. You are contributing to the extinction of a keystone species that the world desperately needs healthy populations of. A healthy planet requires healthy oceans and healthy oceans need sharks. It’s just that simple.

If you are unaware of the problems sharks are facing due to the shark fin trade, please reach out to me and I will be happy to start from the beginning. Most people that run in my circles are up to date on current events involving marine conservation but I realize this could be new information for some. Message me anytime & thanks for reading.

The best way you can help? Spread awareness to your friends that don’t know the troubled state of our oceans and how sick they are right now. Use shipping companies that actually care about our sharks and saving the oceans. Sign here


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