big dreams big world

Do you think its possible to see the entire world? I don’t mean pass through it on your way somewhere else… I mean really see it and take time to absorb the culture of every single place on Earth. There is a part of me that wants to try and go literally everywhere in the world.


Don’t take me forΒ a 21-year-old ‘wanderlust gypsy backpacker’ which is a huge trend right now (or at least it seems to be) because I don’t think I am in that category. These people seem to like the idea of bouncing from place to place to explore more than they actually like it. My eyes have been opened to just how big the world is and how much more is out there.

Do you think it is impossible to meet every single person in the world? Yes, it has to be. I want to try. Of course I can skip the serial killers (although I would love to meet Dexter) and terrorists but in general, I want to meet everyone. I am afraid that even if I met every single person I would actually be disappointed. But, I would find some amazing people for sure that I would probably wonder how I could survive without. The more people I meet around the world, the more I learn about myself. That sounds weird but getting to know how other people view the world and life makes you think about how you see it and what kind of vibes you want to put into the universe. Follow me? Every person that I have met since I started living abroad has taught me something, maybe by accident, maybe something I did not want to learn about myself, or maybe something I still do not understand about life but will someday. How can you possibly meet everyone? You can’t and I won’t but maybe you meet certain people at certain parts of your life for a certain reason and that is kind of beautiful.

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