NOAA opens atlantic commercial shark season early for 2016

This is a terrible call by NOAA. Shark biologists and marine conservationists are extremely upset to find out that NOAA has decided to change the opening date for commercial shark fishing for 2016. In 2015, the season opened in July. In 2016, it will open January 1st. What does this mean?

This means that Joe the shark fisherman in Florida can kill up to 36 hammerheads, tiger sharks and lemon sharks per trip. How long until all the aggregating lemons are killed? Approximately 3 days. When the season opened later in the year, it allowed the sharks time to mate and migrate before being killed.

Because humans kill 100 million sharks every year, they will soon only exist in our memory as they will be extinct. Tigers, lemons, and hammerheads are listed as threatened by the IUCN. Whether you are a shark lover or not, realize that without sharks the entire marine ecosystem will collapse and the world as we know it will never be the same.

head to and sign the petition to move the date

email GUY DUBECK at NOAA and let him know that he’s a moron for allowing this.



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