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WOW what a day diving with Bonaire East Coast Divers! These guys have a zodiac boat and a dive operation that takes people to the rough east side of the island where the conditions are sporty to say the least. The east coast is known for wind, waves and surge (sometimes you can still feel it at 65ft) which makes the diving there pretty difficult but lucky for us when they have space they let us jump on the boat since we send them so much business. They leave out of Lac Bay and we went to three dive sites: funchi’s reef, white hole, and turtle city. We saw about 10 spotted eagle rays, over 40 green turtles, 200+ tarpon in the white hole, small female nurse shark, giant green morays and of course pristine reef. It was awesome and my first time diving on the east coast! I think my favorite part was the white hole which is a giant clearing in the reef filled with white sand and since it is protected from the surge the tarpon chill out there (literally so chill not moving & like hundreds of them). They only move their eye as they watch you slowly move past them. It was nice to see a different topography from the usual dive sites here. The whole morning was great and I cannot wait to go back when I have my gopro!

I guess the low of my day was waking up early on my day off but it was of course worth it!


One thought on “11dec2015

  1. Oooh, eagle rays… Love, love, love them! Probably all time favorite ray. Mantas are amazing and majestic but eagle rays are extra lovely and elegant to watch. It’s hard to take everything in with a manta; I don’t have the size overwhelm experience at all with eagle rays. Love that you are living this full and wonderful life, girlfriend!


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