today’s top 2 morons

For those of you who are not shark conservationists or familiar with the current status of the world’s declining shark populations, you may not get just how infuriating this is for us. For those that are, you probably heard about this already but just in case you didn’t, here is your daily dose of shark depression.

#1: this idiot thought it was OKAY to literally tie a tiger shark to the front end of his 4×4 and drive down the f*cking road.

Take a wild guess as to where this was…western Australia. A land where they think it is still acceptable to set drum lines and kill protected species of sharks that are severely threatened to make “beaches more safe”.Β  Wake up people, it is just not acceptable.

#2: in other not so awesome news, there’s this jerk who is opening a lux nightclub innnn (drumroll) AUSTRALIA that will feature a not-large-enough tank with 2 hammerhead sharks inside!! Not only is the idea of sharks in a nightclub ludicrous for obvious reasons, the tank size is 3×3.6m which means it is less space than a human is given in solitary confinement in prison. These animals are beautiful but they are not playthings for the rich and famous to watch while they sip on their 200,000 dollar bottle of champagne after using the gold plated toilets imported from Turkey. By the way those are both things the club will actually have I am not even making this up. Lack of space aside, sharks primary sensory tool is the ability to feel vibrations that travel through the water…imagine the nightclub music…this is beyond cruel.

There is an online petition to stop this from happening with over 38,000 signatures in the last 2 weeks. Here’s hoping that it works and this plan folds. Here is the site if you want to sign






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