daily tides


wowww this last 2 weeks of diving has been insaaaane and I am loving it. I have had great guests to dive with and here are some highlights:

working in the coral restoration nurseries is a lot of work but I love it so much. sometimes when you are working you see the best stuff passing by and last week we had a little baby green turtle just cruising around the nursery watching me work on the coral and she was amazingly sweet I had to stop for a minute to watch her. then a few days later we got dropped off at one of our restoration sites in the south of the island and right when we jumped we saw a pod of dolphins swimming by us! they have been around lately and a lot of times I can hear them when I am diving.

did 2 ridiculous amazing drift dives lately. one at forest and drifted around the southwest corner which is freaking beautiful and there were huge schools of barracuda and jacks. the topography is gorgeous around that corner and we drifted all the way past munks haven so we saw 3 dive sites in 1 dive! the other one was at jerrys reef and we drifted to just a nice dive which was awesome because I had only 4 divers (who are good divers and fun people)  with me so it was super chill and this curious little hawksbill turtle swam up directly to me and her eyes were staring into mine she was so close her beak was 2 inches from my mask. I was so still and didn’t even breathe out because I didn’t want to startle her I just stayed completely still until she decided to float above me and turn slightly so her belly almost touched the top of my head. I mean does it get any sweeter than that!

this morning we had some of the BEST conditions for diving and I took the guests diving at hands off which is an amazing site always but with these conditions it was unreal. incredible vis, no current, minimal waves….and we had a huge green moral, 3 octopi, amazing light at that time of day, huge patch of natural staghorn and lots of large elkhorn coral (both of which we are actively restoring with CRF), decent sized southern stingray in the sand at the end of the dive right by the mooring line….gorgeous colors and the guests were super happy which is always the icing on the cake.

at this point some of you might hate me for living in paradise and working a dream job but I LOVE YOU ALL! haha

when people ask me “how did you get lucky enough to be here doing this?” I just tell them “im not lucky, magic is something you make.”

I know that this isn’t a HIGH  and a LOW but its my website and I can do whatever I want 🙂

actually here is the low….not being able to take my BRAND NEW GOPRO4 with my diving when I am working…oh and also I accidentally bought gluten free pasta at the supermarket…wtf.




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