daily tides


Today I decided to check out the new creperie on the island that opened a few weeks ago. It was great! I sat there by myself just thinking about anything and everything from whether or not to order another coffee to what I want to do with the next 5 years of my life. Typical random thoughts for me. UMMM and look at the breakfast I got…Belgian waffle with banana, caramel and whipped cream. Amazing.

Okay back to the point. I have never done this before but I am telling you it DOES feel as good as people say it does. I went to pay at the counter and I told the barista that I also wanted to pay for the couple sitting outside drinking coffee. He looked at me strange and I said “they don’t know me, but just tell them I paid for their coffee and that little acts of kindness make the world a better place”. Maybe they will pay for someone else’s coffee and it will keep going and going so the happiness is spread to people all over the island! It’s not that I have money to burn, I have 2 jobs and pack PB&J sandwiches for lunch but it was $5 well spent. I believe what comes around goes around. Try it, you will love it. Also, try the new creperie.


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