advice you didn't ask for

stop forgetting proper spelling & grammar.

Things are getting out of hand here guys. I mean I think I should be able to scroll  through social media without getting constantly reminded of how dumb people can be. If English is your first language, you have ZERO excuses. I know some people that learned English as their 2nd or 3rd language and they have better spelling and grammar than my peers from America. Frankly, I am embarrassed for you. Let’s have a quick refresher of the mistakes I am seeing WAY to regularly.

to, two and too – All three versions of this word have different meanings.

their, they’re and there – Their is a possessive. They’re means they are.

except and accept – Sound the same, mean different things! If you post that you are “stoked that I just got excepted into college!!!”, I hope someone from the school sees it and revokes the ACCEPTance letter.

edition and addition – This one blows me away…do NOT expect me to congratulate you on your new baby if you describe her as a “new edition” to your family.  I hope your kid ends up smarter than you.

your and you’re – You’re means you are. Your is a possessive.

tomorrow – It is not a hard word to spell properly.

threw and through – If you post that your bestie “has been there for you threw thick & thin”, then please do not expect me to like it because I am secretly hoping for someone to THROW something at you for not knowing the meaning of the word threw.

woman and women – Women is plural.

words that end in Y – The plural USUALLY ends in IES. Party becomes parties. Fly becomes flies. Try becomes tries.

its,  and it’s – It’s means it is.

granite and granted – If you say “don’t take me for granite” I will throw a #2 pencil at you and never talk to you again.

course and coarse – When you text me saying “of coarse” I die a little inside.

I am sorry if I sound bitchy but IT’S my page and you just have to ACCEPT that I am THROUGH with YOUR lack of ability to use English properly.  Again, if you learned English as a second, third, or fourth language then NONE of this applies to you because I commend you for being WAY smarter and versatile than I am when it comes to communication.

Okay I think I need coffee or something. XOX peace & love.




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