daily tides


Today is Earth Day which is bittersweet. Sweet because it makes people who live under a rock and don’t realize our impact on the planet go out and plant a tree or sort recycling for one day out of the year. Bitter because it reminds me just how much we are destroying our home and that instead of being conscious every day, we as humans devote ONE measley day to celebrate our planet and try to do something good.

At the risk of sounding like a tree hugging hippie who is going all crazy about saving the planet, we actually need to try much harder and make bigger changes but we as a species are insanely selfish. The amount of plastic in the oceans has reached 7.25 million tons, 2.6 trillion pounds of garbage is produced annually, and ozone depletion in the Antarctic creating an “ozone hole” that is quickly growing in size are things that seem impossible to reverse. Our children and their descendants are going to be responsible for cleaning up our mess and they will ask questions like “how could people be so destructive?”, “didn’t they realize that continuing to take and take will leave nothing left for the future?”, “where did they think all this garbage would go?” …Because really it is common sense. But, we care not about sustainability and the future generations but rather that the recycle bin is too far to walk so its easier to just toss everything in the regular garbage and it is so much more convenient to get red solo cups, plastic straws and bottled water for my party.

Even though I live an Eco conscious lifestyle, I am just as guilty as everyone else! Posting this doesn’t exonerate me from being part of the problem, but it starts with one thing, one person, one day, one change. So please do not let your appreciation for Earth end today. Keep it for tomorrow, and everyday after that. Set a good example and do better. Teach your kids or peers that every little effort can make a difference. Every time you see something green outside, respect the fact that we need to preserve it. Life depends on a healthy Earth.

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