daily tides

thoughtless thoughts of 28april2016

i would actually kill for a spa pedicure with my mama considering its been almost a year since i have had one.

i literally just threw like 22 beach towels into the washing machine at he laundry place. 1) how do i even have that many? 2) island life 1st world problemz.

why does it cost so much to do laundry…$18 for 2 machines (1 clothes, 1 towels) and not even getting them dried!

i saw they are taking down the carnival rides at the fair…they have only been up for 2 months about time! in the states the fair is in town 1 week! by the way they didnt even have funnel cakes, but i was grateful for te cotton candy and the ferris wheel.

didnt get to paddle this week at all! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ next week at least 2 days paddling to work. it makes me so relaxed and happy on the way to work a great way to start the day.

first paycheck since i started working at the bar 2 nights a week is also making me very happy! extra money & its pretty fun! only slightly hard to resist tasting all the caribbean mai tais and kahlua fraps i have been making. they are so pretty!

i really want to use my gopro more but for obvious reasons i cant use it while working. and everytime i find something amazing to show my customers on the reef i cry a little into my mask. i mean its not everyday you see 4 seahorses on 1 divesite and a baby octopus smaller than your hand ๐Ÿ˜ฆ i could go on but im only getting more depressed over it. guess ill be diving more on my days off.

sad for the news i heard about 4 UGA girls killed in a car crash recently. such a nightmare. no reason for it. its things like this that make me HATE when people say “everything happens for a reason”.

i met an amazing person recently who was telling me about how she and her husband were adopting a 12 yr old who has been in foster care ย and i am so inspired by her! i dont know if i could ever do that but the world needs more people like her and i keep thinking about the little girl finally having a family and its so amazing.

only a little over a month until my cousin and her gf are here for vacation!!!! let the countdown begin!

gotta run i am sailing in 1 hour.




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