advice you didn't ask for

stop doing things you don’t want to do.

This is something that I have gotten significantly better at over the last 2 years. It is not easy, but the reward is great I promise you. So often we go through our days and our lives trying to make other people happy and it is a good feeling knowing you had a positive impact on someone else’s life so I get it. However, if you don’t want to go for coffee at 9am on your only day off with your super chatty, loves to hear herself talk friend that just needs to vent about something you don’t care about….don’t. do it. She will not be mad at you if you say no, and if she is, find some friends that appreciate your realness and move on.

You will be surprised how much more relaxed and happy you feel when you put yourself first. It is NOT SELFISH. It’s healthy. When you do things you don’t want to do, you are the only person who knows you don’t want to do it so you are really only hurting yourself.

This does not just apply to doing little things with or for other people. It also applies to life. I get that sometimes you are doing something in life that is not exactly what you want to do, and I have been there. As long as you have your mind set on your end goal and you are making progress towards it, keep on keepin on. But if you are “stuck” in something you don’t want to be doing, you are not stuck. You can make a change and try to put your happiness first. You deserve to be happy. Everyone does. Evaluate your life and choose happiness over the things that don’t really matter.  Make sure you are happy with the things you do, and be glad you don’t waste your time with the things you don’t. Because in the end, life is short.


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