12° 8’13.365”N 68° 16’40.22”W

Just a normal day at work as captain on the dive boat. Working with Jimmy who would be diving with the 12 guests and I can vaguely hear him from upstairs explaining to the guests where everything is on the boat and then asking where they want to dive. I hear one guest say “I haven’t seen any turtles yet so maybe there is a place that we have a chance to see them?” Jimmy comes up and says “Dushi, I think 18th Palm will be nice let’s go there”. Sounds good to me conditions are fine over there so I pick up the pace and head towards the south. After we moor the boat I cut the engine and then go downstairs and listen to Jimmy’s briefing and then help the divers off the boat. I head upstairs again to sit and watch their bubbles while playing my new country music playlist on my phone. 1 hour to chill, look for turtles on the surface, and wait for the divers to come back. As I am looking around I always take a minute to be grateful for the gorgeous office that I work in. The ocean feels home to me. There is no where I would rather be. But, then I see the yellow mooring pin that the boat is tied to bobbing in and out of the water. The name of the divesite is painted on all of them and this one reads “18th Palm”. I thought back in time to about 9 months ago when I was here doing exactly the same thing but I knew that during my 1 hour time waiting there by myself for the divers that my little baby niece was being born any second. My sister in law was in labor and my mom told me just before I got on the boat that it was any minute now she would be here. This divesite will always be in my heart and I will never forget that feeling watching the mooring pin and being so excited I could barely breathe missing my family and wishing I was there. Such a mix of emotions came rushing back the other day when I sat and remembered that day 9 months ago. I have re-named this site in my heart to “Harper’s Palm” and someday I will dive with her here.



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