daily tides


Even though this just a normal day in the life of Laura, I make a conscious effort to realize that this less ordinary life should not be taken for granted. It’s pretty amazing that I get to see beauty like this on a daily basis. This special girl is always here at this dive site and although I love her, I wish she were more afraid. More afraid of people & boats the way she should be. She has tried to climb into the boat with me before and she is so adorable with her glassy tear shaped eyes blinking slowly as she lifts her head out of the water to say “hi I missed you too”. She moves slowly and gracefully and she seems to love it when I give in and slide off the boat to freedive with her. It’s bittersweet because everytime I see her I know it can be the last. Some of the turtles here are getting too brave. They will become victims of boat propellors and fishing line entanglements before they are able to reproduce.  As you can imagine, this is a high and also a low for me. I hope she outlives me but humans are responsible if she doesn’t.


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