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The frogfish have FINALLY forgiven me!!!! It has been LITERALLY months since I have been able to find the ever elusive, perfectly camoflouged, amazing creature on the reef until yesterday! I have been spending what feels like an eternity looking in places where I had seen them before and bordering the line of conducting search patterns because WHERE COULD HE HAVE GONE?! Okay, something ate him or maybe I need a perscription mask.  But probably he is just far enough away from where he was that it has to be like finding him all over again (difficult). At one site I used to be able to find 2 identical red ones always in the same area for several weeks and then one day, vanished. If you have never seen a frogfish move, let me just say they don’t do it well. They try, but they are not designed for speed. So in general, if you manage to find one camouflaged on the reef, odds are he will be in that area for a good amount of time. Anyways, yesterday I was diving with some of my absolute favorite guests. I had already explained to them earlier in the week how my colleagues and I are at a loss currently with frogfish and how it’s been a mystery as to where they can be. So, needless to say, none of us were expecting to see one. But, once again the power of positivity proves successful 🙂 A huge yellow fellow appeared as I was searching the reef thinking, “Okay, aliens did not abduct them. They are here, I just need to find it.”. Maybe it was luck or maybe it was the universe reinforcing my belief in the powers of positive energy but it was just what I needed! I am certain that my guests got amazing photos that I will try and share when I see them.

In case you have never seen one, here are some photos taken by a friend, Ulo Massing. This is a different yellow froggie because I don’t have any from yesterday.

Have a great Thursday & be positive.

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