daily tides

it’s the little things

it was an average somewhat MEH day although i was working on transplanting some baby elkhorn corals which is always nice. but at the end of the day i came around the corner to find my coworkers gathered around a cooler in the tank room just having a beer. i guess a guest dropped them off as extra (happens a lot). we rarely stay  after work we typically dart out at 5 and go our separate ways home. craig hands me a beer which he knows i wont refuse. Martin, Craig, Yago, Jimmy, Cosette, Lars, Toni, Peter and i sit around chatting for a few minutes and then i suggested we play a game. i like stuff like this…. the game? daily high & low. everyone goes around the circle and says the high and the low of their day. of course most of them were hilarious. you wouldn’t believe some of the ridiculous things that go on at my work. i could tell some were skeptical but they definitely ended up liking it. so…the next game? a little less easy and a little more interesting. each person takes a turn saying something nice about the person on their right. i was actually shocked that everyone played and the things we had to say about each other were super real, well thought out, and not superficial (well one person did say to Toni “your eyelashes are ridiculously perfect and gorgeous” but it’s not untrue!!). the games were totally just a random idea i had and took less than 20 min but i think it had a positive impact on all of us. i think we all left feeling a positive energy about each other.  it’s  just the little things.


ps sorry about my bad grammar here im on my iphone


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