daily tides

Hey November, please be better than October.

I am welcoming November with my entire being and my arms wide open because October was pretty shit for me. Filled with ridiculous nights like driving myself to the hospital and getting loaded with pain medication and sent out the door only for my jeep to run out of gas at midnight in the middle of town and going back the next day to get it (still loaded on pain meds and super high from them) finding the battery stolen…and basically being sick since the 1st week of the month & not diving…I am thinking that it can only go up from here though! In an attempt to try not to post negativity on my site as the world has way too much of it, I have been slightly quiet lately but I am bouncing back. Sometimes I think “it’s my site and if I want to be negative I will do it who cares people don’t have to read it…and maybe they appreciate the realness instead of me making it look like my life is a freaking permanent vacation with zero flaws…”. But then I always go back to feeling like negativity is toxic. We all have bad days, weeks, months even years of our lives but dwelling on it only makes it worse. Well let me tell you, my life isn’t absolutely awesome all the time. I do have a dream job that I love and live on a Caribbean island but that’s not exactly all that life is about. There is more to life than watching a breathtaking sunset by yourself every night. There is more to life than spending all your holidays and birthdays long weekends by yourself wishing you were somewhere else. I do count my blessing literally EVERY DAY and I appreciate where I am and what I am doing. I make an effort to see the beauty in every day without taking it for granted. So cheers to November and let’s see what it has to offer!



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