daily tides

chemistry is easy, but timing is a bitch.

Who you end up with in this ride called life relies far more heavily on timing than anything else. I have been pretty lucky to find a few people that I have amazing chemistry with, but are we together? Could not be more single. And sure, you can go the route of saying “well, if it was meant to be then it would have worked out” but really, I don’t believe in that. I believe that happiness is something you create for yourself, you shouldn’t wait for it to be given to you. I believe in choices. We make more choices than we even realize that affect our life in ways we never even thought about.

The universe is so charmingly random in a way that can make you feel like the luckiest person in the entire world but then turn around and make you so angry you just break down. Do you really think you are significant at ALL in this universe? No, and the universe absolutely does not care if you end up happy or depressed or in love or alone or live or die. Order is not a sure thing, chaos is.

Make your own magic and you will be better off. If you are lucky enough to find someone you click with at the perfect moment in time, never let it go. But it isn’t fate that brought you there, it’s a combination of your choices and timing being right for both of you.

I really have no solid advice except to live life one day at a time and just go with it. You can’t be mad at timing. The choices you made up until this point in time have made you who you are, and if that changes your life, let it.


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