daily tides

things I wish I would just stop doing.

overthinking: just stop and live life.

procrastinating: I honestly will never stop doing this. I am notorious for packing 20 min before going to the airport even if its 4am. also the queen of saying I wait til the last minute because I need the fear and I work better under pressure.

wishing time to go faster: we only get one life and it is extremely short. never wish time to go faster.

trying to make everyone happy: its a sickness

letting my gas tank get below E: it causes unnecessary stress

overcommitting: even if I have no good reason not to do something except that I just don’t want to, I need to just be ok telling people I just don’t want to do whatever it is.

complaining: its really ridiculous because I have nothing legitimate to complain about (except school loans…I will NEVER stop complaining about them)

worrying about people that don’t worry about me: Prioritize the people who care about you and don’t waste your energy on the ones who don’t.

wanting to see into the future: one of the most beautiful parts of life is not knowing. I know that but I have this thing where I wish I could see what the future looks like in 5 years, 10 years, 40 years…I have to stop myself and breathe and enjoy the chaos.

I hope some of you can relate to these…no one is perfect but happiness is a choice 🙂







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