check out the night sky tonight

Tonight, February 10 2017, we are lucky to get three awesome events in the night sky. Hopefully its clear (like last night, wow!). I will be on holiday in Islamorada watching from my amazing beach resort balcony and I am extremely stoked. Okay so what’s going to happen?

  1. Full Moon: Snow moon. This is just a normal full moon but it will make the eclipse more visible. The Farmers Almanac gives names and meanings to each full moon that originate from Native Americans. February is the snow moon because it is typically the coldest month and has also been called the full Hunger Moon since hunting was the most difficult during this month.
  2. Penumbral Lunar Eclipse: What kind of eclipse is this? It happens when the moon passes through the Earth’s penumbra. It means that the Sun, Earth, and Moon (in that order) form an ALMOST straight line. The moon will not be directly behind the Earth, that would be a total eclipse. How does it look? The moon will appear to darken, not completely black but darker than normal. It will happen between about 5:30pm and 10:30pm Eastern time. You will see the gradual change/darkening. Like this…Image result for full moon penumbral lunar eclipse
  3. Comet 45P: This will be very beautiful but difficult to see. It might not be possible to see without binoculars. It will have a bright green/blue head and tail moving across the sky around 3am ET. This comet will be the closest to earth (still 7.4 million  miles away). You need to look in the direction of the constellation Hercules. It’s not likely that you will see it without the help of a telescope BUT maybe tomorrow we will see some gorgeous photos going around from professional photographers.


I love things like this! Outer space has always been fascinating to me and I think its really cool to take time and appreciate the vast space that is out there. Enjoy! I am off to the Keys!






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