daily tides


well its the 2nd day of my vacation and I could not be happier right now. except tomorrow I probably will be because that’s usually how it goes when I am here in sunny south florida with my favorite guy. just when I think i am the happiest I could be, it somehow always gets better. the last week at work all my diver guests have been asking “why do you need a vacation you live on vacation?” and I just laugh and say “yeaaa i am pretty lucky” which is not untrue but they just don’t really get it. work is great and I love what I do but it’s still work. this week, even though I have left one island (Bonaire) for another (Islamorada) and I will be doing a lot of my typical islandy things like boating, snorkeling, SUPing, beaching, diving, even working with the Coral Restoration team in the Key Largo nursery, I will be with my favorite person ever and that’s what makes it completely different. although it would be great to take a wintery holiday away from the beach and go snowboarding, I could literally do anything with him and be happy. plus I’m an island girl anyways so I do love it even though its my 365. cheers to new bikinis and fun in the sun with C 🙂 loving life as always.




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