daily tides

things i’m obsessed with LATELY.

  1. Bonaire sunsets and trying to watch every last one before I leave. It’s impossible when you’re this busy but a girl can dream.
  2. Black Sails and I’m getting uncomfortably close to the end of season 3 and I don’t even want to ask how long til season 4 is on Netflix.
  3. Yoga because some things never change.
  4. Running/training for my 4mi race June 17 the Run 4 The Sea because who doesn’t love a great cause. #savetheoceans Anyone in Florida want to run with me?! Stoked because my MOM is coming down to Florida to run it with me and I miss her like crazy.
  5. Chobani blended vanilla greek yogurt and confession I buy the giant size and eat it straight from the container without a bowl #noshame #atleastitisnticecream?
  6. Bonvie bikinis because I will never have enough (don’t judge me). I mean look how cute the pineapple bottoms are.
  7.  ACCEPTANCE. and learning what it means to truly accept things and move on when there is nothing I can do to change it.
  8. Bettering myself- it took living in the jungle by myself for almost a year back in 2014 to truly learn who I am and what I believe in without having the world influence me. I love this and there is always more you can do to grow as a person mentally, spiritually and emotionally.
  9. Gratitude. Lately I make a conscious effort to be grateful for everything I have in this is crazy life. None of these things that I am talking about right now are things.
  10. Should be #1 because he is my #1 but I guess I save the best for last…so in love him it’s scary- the one and the only Corey Hassett. Because no one gets me like he does.


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