7° 39.467′ N 98° 46.067′ E

In the middle of the Andaman Sea off the coast of Thailand, there is a limestone rock called Koh Bida Nai. Of course this is southern Thailand so the marine life is abundant and the reef is vibrant, but this is not why this spot changed me. It was a peaceful relaxing dive with only two other dive pros and I am not totally sure what the purpose was because I think we were supposed to be working. Maybe the plan changed so we decided to drop here away from the other sites nearby that were more popular. Just another day diving on the reef it seemed but since I was not working my mind started to drift as I drifted around the rock into the dark narrow underwater crevice that you can only find if you know where it is. On the way out I ventured a little further than usual away from the rock and into the blue. I kept going until I could not see the reef anymore. I remember questioning myself as to why but I just had to go. I stayed there hovering in the blue for a few minutes taking in the magic of the vastness of the ocean. This feeling of complete insignificance changed me. I am so tiny in this world and yet concerned with things in life that do not matter or that I cannot control. It was here that I learned to let go. I suddenly felt more free than I ever have before. From that day on I have looked at life a little differently. The ocean has taught me many things but this is quite possibly my favorite lesson from the sea.




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