advice you didn't ask for

if you’ve made your point, stop talking.

I really hope that this seriously sinks in for some of you reading this. As much as I hate when people give me advice I didn’t ask for, I hate it even more when they make their point not 1, not 2 but MULTIPLE times. Come on people, there is only so long I can nod along and pretend to agree with you before I snap.

I honestly think most of the time these people who make their point over and over again are just the type of people who like hearing themselves talk. Usually agreeing with them even when I don’t is the most logical option because then they shut up faster. If these people were my close friends or my family, I would have no problem just telling them to f*ck off and explaining why they are wrong and I am right. But they are not. They are people that either I don’t know well enough to let into my head (it takes a special kind of person to really get me) OR people that just aren’t worth the extended conversation and I just don’t care because we will never be more than acquaintances.

The thing is, I thought that the older I got the more credit I would get. I know more about life, choices, consequences, decisions, happiness & sadness than you give me credit for. So if you insist on making a point….don’t make it over and over again.

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