is it too late now to say sorry?

okay so maybe, just maybe, i am terrible at keeping up with this website. i still love it. maybe i love the idea of it? its really fun and i want people to be able to keep up with me but also i am pretty shit at keeping up with people. if you know me then you know i am naturally flakey with very good intentions. okay i am seriously going to try because i actually have big plans for lauralessordinary and unless i actually write and get things done it will fade away into oblivion and i will have no one to blame but myself.

i am actually at work right now on the boat waiting for divers to come back up. its my friday and im loving life lately. not everyday is perfect but i look for something great in each day and if you have a positive outlook then positivity will follow you. i have seen this…it is not luck.

okay more to come from me on currents… i promise….


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