Ocean lovers: This is your new sunscreen.

The common ingredient in sunscreen, oxybenzone, is proven to be toxic to coral reefs. We all have known for many years that sunscreen is not good for the reef but now we know just how bad it really is. A recent study conducted in the US Virgin Islands and Hawaii has shown that one drop of sunscreen in an Olympic sized pool is enough to kill a coral colony. 14,000 tons of sunscreen are discharged into the oceans each year all of which likely contain oxybenzone.

Lucky for you, there are ocean lovers out there just like you who have developed a product that is safe for the reef! Check it out….Stream2Sea

This is not the only reef safe sunscreen on the market so why do I choose to endorse this one? Simple, they actively support my work with the Coral Restoration Foundation and I love working together with other teams toward a common goal.

It seems extremely impossible to to reverse this, I know. But be like me and do what you can with the options you have. Buy it for yourself and for your ocean loving surfer friends for their birthday or share this post so we can spread the awareness and try to make a difference.

A world without coral reefs is a world that cannot support life.



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