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Well I guess I should do a little update about me here LATELY…May 20 2017 I moved from my favorite Caribbean island of Bonaire after 2 years there and relocated to south Florida. Back to my homeland and back with the love of my life. Sacrifice? No way. Difficult? A little. Being with the one I love? Worth it. For those of you who don’t know Corey, we go way back to when we were 14 years old. Life is more than crazy and took us our separate ways but it reconnected us after almost 10 years apart and now that we are back together we never want to be apart again. I believe more than ever now that whoever is meant to be in our life will gravitate back toward us regardless of how far we wander.

Keep up with what I am up to LATELY as the site takes a little bit of a turn while life takes us on a little less winding path. 

Less wild and free? Nope still the same old me over here. Much love to my followers and let this be a sign for you that change can be hard but the right choices will always be the easiest ones you will ever make. The most fun part? Watching me try to find the balance between my wings and my roots. Every day is a new day.




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